Welcome to Notes from the Hamster Wheel

My name is Jasper Stinkybottom, but you may call me Stinky.

For your information, I did not choose my name: that responsibility rests with one Benjamin Jinks, aged nine – but more of him later.

If you have chanced upon this virtual hamster blog looking for information about hamster feed, hamster wheels, bedding items for hamster or hamster snacks, you’re in the wrong place. For those things, check out the shelves of your local pet store or, as my owner Ben’s dad calls it, ‘the mini-zoo’.

If you would like more information on the extremely funny book MY HAMSTER IS A GENIUS by Dave Lowe, however, and some insider secrets about the lives and loves of hamsters, you are in the right place.

So I guess we should begin with a Meet the Family.

Here they are… 

A pretty motley crew, don’t you think? And believe me, you want to watch out for that one with pigtails – she may look like sugar and spice and all things nice, but she’s trouble, and likes dressing things up in tutus… *shudders at the thought*

And while we’re doing the introduction, you can read more about me – and the Jinks family – in my very own book. Look, that’s me on the cover…

And as you can read (you can read, can’t you?) I’m a G E N I U S – that spells (you can spell, right?) GENIUS. It means I’m super-smart.

In this excellent account of my first weeks with the Jinks family, you can discover how I help nine-year-old Benjamin Jinks (that was him bottom left of the Jinks family photo) to outsmart his scheming maths teacher, Beardy McCreedy. Along the way Ben gets better at Maths (well, a tiny bit, at least) and also slightly better at removing poo from my cage, which is much more important.

Anyway, you should check it out (in shops from August), it’s really rather something – if I do say so myself.

Right, time for a quick nap, this typing is quite tiring when you have tiny paws…

Find My Hamster is a Genius on Amazon here

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