Summer reads

Summer’s here, so why not check out the Summer Reading Challenge at your local library?
Ben’s given me his top five summer reads, and it didn’t take me long to work out which books I’m going to re-read this summer.

Top 5 Summer Reads – according to Ben

My Hamster is a Genius – obviously
Mr Gum in the Hamster of Lamonic Bibber
Diary of a Wimpy Hamster
Horrid Hamster
The Fantastic Mr Hamster

Top 5 Summer Reads – according to Stinky

War and Peace – like living with the Jinks family, only more epic.
The Complete Works of Shakespeare – “Is this a carrot which I see before me/Its orange tip toward my paw? Come, let me munch thee.”

Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales – in original middle English.
A Brief History of Time – a good example of what an uninterrupted genius mind can achieve. (Take note, Benjamin Jinks.)

The Encyclopaedia Britannica – there’s stuff in here that even I didn’t know.

What are your top 5 books for summer reading fun?

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