Gold for Team GB

A gold for the ladies rowing team, congratulations Helen and Heather! All this medal talk has got me thinking about the Olympics, and what I would consider to be suitable Olympic sports for hamsters – none of that beach volleyball nonsense. The sand would get up my nose, for a start.

The Hamster Olympics 
1. Wheel turning – that gold medal has my name on it

2. Running for your life – who needs a starting gun when you have cats, birds and Benjamin’s Neanderthal classmates to choose from?
3. Cage rolling – strength is essential for this extreme sport, and it does depend on the type of cage you’re in, as to how easily you can roll it off the desk. Not for the faint-hearted or weak-stomached. 4. Pole vaulting – I recommend HB pencils as a good starting point. 
5. Carrot nibbling. I have to admit, it would not be the most entertaining spectator sport. Delicious, though.

Better get practising…

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  1. Yippee, go TeamGB and Team Stinky. How about Wiggo and the cyclists today - fingers and paws crossed eh! I think you'd be quite good at that event Stinky...