I'm back!

Hello hamster fans. 'Tis I, Jasper Stinkybottom (Stinky to his friends) and I'm back – did you miss me? I've been on quite an adventure I can tell you. In a space rocket no less.

And you can now read all about it in my latest book My Hamster is an Astronaut. And on the matter of reading, did you know It's World Book Day today? Ok, so it's not quite as important as World Hamster Day, but just for you I've got a special treat, and no, it's not a carrot, it's better than that.

I've got my paws on the first chapter of my brand new book, and you can download it by clicking HERE. Yes that's right, a FREE sample of the most brilliant book you could read, all about my daring experience as an astronaut. It's full of danger, daring and death-defying acts of bravery.

So what are you waiting for. Download it NOW!

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